Guidelines during Covid-19

How can you help keep to guidelines?
  1. BlueWild is certified by Visit Scotland and Visit Britain as ‘Good to Go’ because we meet all standards for preventing the spread of COVID-19.
  2. We’re following Scottish Government advice on COVID-19 social distancing to ensure safety for our passengers and crew.
  3. Advanced booking and passenger registration is required please. (See how do I book)
  4. Our boat is washed every morning. This is our normal procedure irrespective of COVID-19.
  5. Prior to boarding, we ask that passengers declare themselves free from any known COVID-19 symptoms. With your permission, we may remotely scan your temperature.
  6. You can sit inside and outside during the trip so you don’t need to be in same place for long.
  7. Before and after every tour, the crew wipe down all surfaces, handrails, seating and boat equipment with eco-friendly antibacterial wash.
  8. Disposable face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer are available on board.
  9. To comply with social distancing, our crew will be able to assist passengers embarking and disembarking by using our ‘handy pole’ as an extended ‘helping hand’.
  10. In emergencies social distancing may not be adhered to at all times.
  11. We observe all public health notices and will constantly review the situation.

Booking your tour

How do I book?

Please book in advance on this website.

Our prices are for exclusive hire of our tour boat for your group. Choose your tour, book, LET’S GO! (Prices are very competitive on a per person comparison.)

If you are trying to book close to a tour departure time  or looking to ‘ walk-on’, please check availability and use the CONTACT FORM or CALL US on 07311 007001

We’ll be happy to help.

How many people can you take on the boat?

We’re sailing with a maximum 8 passengers during daytime and 6 at night during COVID-19 restrictions.

Our BlueWild boat, Thalassa, is coded by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency to carry up to 12 people (10 passengers and 2 crew) during the day and 6 passengers and 2 crew at night.

What is the minimum number of people needed for a tour?

We sail with between 1 and 8 passengers subject to minimum pricing.

Normally, a minimum of 6 individual passengers are needed for a tour to run.

During COVID-19 easing, pricing for all PRIVATE TOURS is set at the same price minimum for 6 people – and at the same price as would be paid for individual tickets – a fantastic opportunity for your group on a private tour.

What if I just want to hire the boat for 3 or 4 people – is that ok?

Yes of course. Normally we offer private hires or charters where you hire the boat and it’s up to you how many people you bring with you.

Minimum pricing applies. During COVID-19 restrictions we’re sailing with private groups from 1 to 8 people.

Can I book the boat just for my group?

Yes please – we’ll be delighted to see you.

During COVID-19 restrictions, we are only offering tours booked by a single group – as allowed by guidelines at the time of your tour. Sorry, but we can’t offer individual tickets or bookings for mixed groups.

We observe all public health notices and will constantly review the situation.

If you’d like to go on more than an advertised tour, please use the CONTACT FORM or CALL US to agree a plan for your tour.

How are tours priced?
  1. Our prices are for exclusive hire of our tour boat for your group. Choose your tour, book, LET’S GO!
  2. Prices are very competitive on a per-person comparison.
  3. Your group can be up to 8 people and every tour has our BlueWild skipper & your tour guide. COVID 19 physical distancing restrictions prevent mixing with other groups – so, until then – we’re all yours!
  4. And, we’ve introduced SPECIAL PRICING for 2020!
  5. Until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, all bookings are therefore EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE TOURS and PRIVATE HIRE for permitted social groupings at the time of your tour.
  6. Prices are at the equivalent of our normal price for individual tickets and very competitive.
  7. Prices shown for tours are for up to 6 people or up to 8 people.
  8. Prices for Private Hire and charter are shown or by agreement.
Are there any discounts for senior citizens?

Concessions of 10% discount on the advertised price are available to everyone of retirement age on public scheduled tours but not on private tours, hire or charters.

Personalise a tour

What if I want something different from the advertised tours?

Please drop us a note on the Contact form or call us on 07311 007 001. We’ll be happy to help you plan a fantastic and personal tour or outing.

What’s the difference between a Private Tour, Private Hire and Charters?

A Private TOUR is one of our scheduled tours on our timetable but which is exclusively for your group.

A Private HIRE is by arrangement where we can sail where you wish at a time to suit you.

A CHARTER is a reservation for a half to full day or even several days which we can discuss and plan with you.

Preparing to sail

When do I arrive for my trip?

Please try to arrive at least 20-30 minutes before the advertised departure time. We’ll talk you through safety procedures and make sure that everyone is ‘good to go’ before we leave on time.

Where can I park?

Please use the public car parks nearest to the harbour. Bikes can be locked up at bike racks or near the boat in most harbours where we visit.

What happens if I miss the departure time?

If you are delayed, then please call us in advance. On some scheduled tours we cannot wait because we need to arrive at harbours at agreed schedules with other boats. In some cases, we’ll happily wait for you and cheer as you run along the harbour when you arrive.

Can children sail ?

Yes. Children of any age are welcome. We have small life jackets for children. Babies and infants up to the age of 1 do not count in your passenger numbers and are not charged – however please make sure to put a note into your booking.

Enjoying your tour

What should I wear?

It’s always a good idea to have a warm jumper and a rain jacket, even on hot days. On all but really hot days you will feel colder soon as you go offshore due to the sea air and boat speed.

We have plenty of storage space on board so you can throw a small bag or backpack into our hold and not have to carry it while on the tour.

Will I get wet?

On some days – No. On some days – Yes.

Depending on the weather, you will probably get splashed. On some days the spray and waves will mean that you get wet if you sit outside.

We have storage space on board so you can throw a small rain jacket, bag or backpack into our hold and not have to carry it while on the tour.

What if I get cold sitting on deck?

You can sit in the cabin where its warmer and protected from the wind. It also has a heater.

It’s always best to carry an extra layer with you on a boat.

We have plenty of storage space on board so you can throw a small bag or backpack into our hold and not have to carry it while on the tour.

Do you provide life jackets?

Yes. All our life-jackets are safely in line with legislation. We also inspect and check each life jacket after every tour. We have smaller jackets with the correct buoyancy for children.

Do you ever cancel trips and why?

Your enjoyment, comfort and safety are our primary concern.

Whilst our tough sea-going boat can handle pretty rough weather, sometimes, the skipper may decide that conditions simply aren’t suitable for your tour. It could be the wind or the sea-swell, large waves or overall bad weather. If the forecast is poor then we will cancel and contact you in advance.

If we need to cancel, then we will reschedule your tour or offer you a full refund.

Do you sail in any weather?

Nope. Safety of passengers and crew always dictate when a boat will sail. The skipper will make this decision.

Occasionally, tours may need to be altered, shortened or lengthened if weather changes. 

Can I take food on board?

Yes, but we ask you to be considerate please. Please don’t come aboard with take-away food (chips, pizzas, Chinese, Indian etc) that if spilled leaves greasy marks. Slippy decks are a safety issue.

Fizzy drinks before or on the tour are best avoided – waves and fizz don’t usually mix!

Can I take photographs?

A big Yes! Take them, keep them, post them, copy them to friends. It’s a big part of all tours. We’ll make sure that we help you get the shot you want.

Are there toilets on board?

No. There are public toilets at Dunbar and North Berwick near the harbour and the Isle of May has public toilets for those on the Island landing tour.

Do you run tours for schools, colleges and universities?

At BlueWild, education is our passion.

Please CONTACT US about tours for educational groups to ensure that current public health guidance is observed at the time of your tour.