Terms and Conditions

The ‘quick read’ version

  1. We love running boat tours. You’d like a boat tour and love to see great things. Hooray – we can all go a boat tour!
  2. The weather and sea are in command, so we all need to respect and live with what they offer.
  3. If we need to change things for weather or safety reasons, we’ll try our best to tell you in advance and to run the tour for you.
  4. When things go wrong and it’s our responsibility, we’ll apologise and make it up to you. On the other hand, we can’t be held responsible for your errors.
  5. Birds might poop on you. Please wear suitable clothes and footwear.
  6. BlueWild boats are happy places so there is zero tolerance for anti-social or offensive behaviour.
  7. Everything else is just common sense with a real emphasis on your safety and having a fantastic experience. We hope that sounds fair.

The formal version

  1. Booking and payment
    1. All bookings are made online in advance at www.bluewild.co.uk or by advance contact to BlueWild.
    2. Occasionally tickets may be available for sale at short notice. Payment will be through the booking system or electronic means. No cash is exchanged.
    3. Full payment is made at the time of booking unless alternative arrangements or invoicing has been agreed.
    4. Tickets are not transferable and are valid only for the date and time on the ticket.
    5. When booking, please provide a contact mobile phone number (where possible) and an email address so that we can contact passengers to advise of any changes, delays or cancellations. It is the passenger’s responsibility to refer to the BlueWild website or contact BlueWild to ensure that their trip is going ahead as scheduled. When possible, BlueWild will provide updates in advance of tour dates.
    6. Minimum passenger numbers apply to scheduled tours and minimum pricing applies to boat private hire and charters.
    7. There is no minimum number for a private charter. Minimum pricing applies.
    8. Services run in partnership with the Scottish Seabird Centre are subject to SSC Terms & Conditions for booking and BlueWild Terms & Conditions for sailing.
    9. We reserve the right to cancel any sailing if minimum numbers are not achieved. We will refund the cost of your ticket should this occur.
    10. Sailing times may alter from published times. Passengers will be contacted in advance of sailing to advise of changes.
  2. Restrictions
    1. BlueWild Limited has zero tolerance for anti-social, racist, abusive or offensive behaviour to crew or passengers and anyone judged by the Skipper to conduct themselves in this manner will be removed from the boat at the nearest harbour and may be reported to Police.
    2. Passengers must be sufficiently agile to board our vessels unaided and be able to negotiate harbour steps and/ or ladders where required.
    3. Our RIBs (rigid inflatable boats) may be unsuitable for anyone with known spinal and or neck conditions or who is in later stages of pregnancy.
    4. Children under 16 years of age must be booked by or accompanied by a responsible adult.
    5. For safety reasons, and until further notice, we are unable to carry wheelchairs on any vessel.
    6. No pet dogs are allowed on board unless in exceptional cases as otherwise directed by the Skipper.
    7. In exceptional circumstances, (e.g. where passengers are in transit) bags, suitcases and luggage may be carried at the Skipper’s discretion.
    8. On all voyages, passengers board and travel at their own risk.
  3. Boarding
    1. Passengers must arrive at least 20 minutes prior to departure time and at the correct location.
    2. No refunds will be provided to any passenger who fails to board on time and misses the boat.
    3. Please allow plenty of time for car parking in Dunbar and North Berwick which can be congested at peak times.
    4. A safety briefing will be given to all passengers prior to boarding. All safety instructions issued by the Skipper, Guides or Crew must be observed.
    5. Lifejackets are provided and must be worn on all voyages.
  4. Conduct when on board
    1. Under Maritime Law, a Skipper is in command of a vessel and is the ultimate decision maker. The Skipper may not be the cox.
    2. A Skipper may refuse permission to board for any passengers who, in the skipper’s judgement, appear unfit or unsuited to travel. Passengers under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances will be refused permission to board and will be ineligible for a refund.
    3. Any passenger taking medication should disclose this to the Skipper where appropriate.
    4. Glass bottles are not permitted. We recommend bringing a recyclable container.
    5. Smoking is not permitted on board.
    6. The consumption of alcohol on board is prohibited unless part of a pre-arranged private hire or charter when strict limits will be applied.
  5. Appropriate Dress
    1. Passengers are advised to bring suitable clothing for a tour at sea. Passengers are advised that even when weather conditions are warm or hot on land, conditions at seas can be significantly colder.
    2. Weather conditions can change very quickly at sea and may result in passengers getting wet from rain and/or sea spray. Passengers should bring suitable protective clothing which can be stored on board. Appropriate footwear should be worn (e.g. flip flops and high-heel shoes are not suitable).
    3. BlueWild is not responsible for personal belongings that you take on board.
    4. BlueWild cannot be held responsible for any water damage that could occur to any equipment, clothing or personal items. We suggest that any such equipment is kept in a secure water-tight bag.
  6. Departure and facilities
    1. Passengers must follow all instructions and safety announcements from the Skipper or crew.
    2. Most tours are accompanied by an experienced Guide.
    3. Any passenger ignoring reasonable instructions from the crew, causing disturbance or being a safety risk to other passengers will be taken ashore and will not be eligible for refund.
    4. Passengers should remain seated at all times unless the crew advise of periods when careful movement around the vessel is permitted.
    5. Passengers must exercise due care and attention to avoid slips and falls.
  7. Tour conditions
    1. Sightings of any particular species of wildlife cannot be guaranteed.
    2. On all vessels and islands, there must be no disturbance to wildlife.
    3. All litter must be retained and disposed of responsibly on return to the mainland.
    4. As weather and sea conditions can change rapidly, trip routes and duration time may have to be altered, without notice, at the Skipper’s discretion. Refunds will not be payable in the case of an early return to shore. BlueWild will however endeavour to fulfil the tour or a suitable alternative subject to ensuring safe passage for all passengers.
    5. Isle of May landings:
      1. The Isle of May is managed by NatureScot and all visitors are subject to instructions issued by NatureScot and their staff.
      2. Appropriate protective clothing should be worn for your time ashore as it can be cold and damp, with a wind chill. Bring sturdy footwear, sun lotion, drinking water and any refreshments you require.
      3. For reasons of safety, passengers must have a reasonable level of fitness and mobility to embark and disembark at both the harbour and the landing steps.
      4. There are toilets and shelter in the Isle of May Visitor Centre.
      5. Should a landing be deemed unsafe for any reason, then the boat will cruise around the Island if possible and the trip classed as a non -landing experience. An appropriate refund is given in these circumstances.
    6. Photographic tours:
      1. These are specialist tours designed for photographers, naturalists and artists and are not recommended for general tourist trips or young children.
      2. Landing tours are carefully escorted by a Guide to avoid disturbance to the wildlife or any of the important research studies underway on the island.
      3. Tours that stay on board may circle in specific areas of sea for long periods to satisfy the needs of the specialist group.
    7. Bass Rock Landings – Please refer to Scottish Seabird Centre Terms & Conditions.
  8. Cancellations by BlueWild
    1. BlueWild reserves the right to cancel or alter the times of all boat trips, without notice.
      1. This can be due to a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to: changing weather and sea conditions; lack of minimum passenger numbers, unforeseen technical reasons; advice from partner organisations on Islands.
    2. If BlueWild decides to cancel a trip for any reason then an alternative time, date or a full refund will be provided.
  9. Passenger Cancellations
    1. If a passenger cancels a trip, the following terms apply:
    2. Passenger Cancellation Terms
      1. All scheduled public tours except Bass Rock Landings
        1. 48 hours or less before departure – No refund
        2. Between 48 hours and 7 days before departure – 50% refund
        3. Over 7 days before departure – 100% refund
      2. Private Hire and Charters
        1. 5 days or less before departure – No refund
        2. 6-10 days – 50% refund
        3. Over 10 days – full refund