BlueWild Nature Tour Boats is recruiting seasonal crew for a variety of freelance and voluntary roles. 

Sailing from Dunbar and North Berwick, we offer exhilarating nature boat tours and private charters to the Bass Rock, Isle of May and around the Forth estuary. 

We’re looking for skippers, tour guides and local volunteer hosts to sail on our boats and greet visitors. We’re looking for happy, flexible, well-spoken, easy-going enthusiasts, eager to make sure that every visitor has an exceptional time. 

Our jobs

We’re looking for people who enjoy offering visitors a truly superb experience.  You’ll join a new and enthusiastic team – from a variety of backgrounds, ages and experiences – and play an important face-to-face role in our small growing company. 

Spending all summer afloat sounds fun – it is! This is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy nature and be part of the eco-tourism sector whilst continually contributing and learning. We’re proud that our tours offer clients a balance of exhilarating fresh air enjoyment and learning experience ‘on the water’. It’s a great opportunity to share information about the world-leading marine life and the largely unknown concentration of rich history.


If you’re a happy, easy-going self-starter, who works well in a team – great. 

You’ll know that the weather is in command. You’ll also know that we want to sail whenever we can – and we do – from dawn until dusk, seven days a week from April to October. Vitally however – we sail only when it’s safe and comfortable for passengers to take an enjoyable tour. 

Your working hours will be weekends, weekdays, evenings and early morning-silly-o-clock with the expectation that with weather, sea, boat and public tours will mean that plans change daily.  Being flexible and understanding is part of any tourism job and it’s even more so on tour boats. We understand that so it’s only fair that you should have flexibility too.

If you fancy working to fit your day, early morning, retired-time, when kids are at school time, just doing something time, evening time – then that’s great too. 

Our standards are high – they need to be for you to enjoy your work and for guests to experience our nature boat tours.  Good diction, presentation and manners are essential. Punctuality is a given.

Skipper role

Commercially qualified to minimum MCA/RYA Advanced Powerboat certification with experience of single and twin engined tour boats. We use 9m and 11m Redbay cabin ribs. A good manner is essential for working closely with passenger guests. The skipper will be freelance for day-time work and a mainstay throughout the season. 

Tour Guide

Our guides come from many backgrounds. Wildlife tour boat experience is preferred although we are recruiting others and helping to develop skills with a view to recurring freelance seasonal work. Guides act as crew and will be given training and practice in our boat handling procedures. You must have your own transport to and from harbours to be ‘on crew’ at required times.


Crew members are needed for some early morning trips where there is no guide on board. This involves helping the skipper with boat preparation, mooring and rope handling. Ideally, we’re looking for people who know their way around boats – whether hobby or in work – and would like occasional freelance work.  Being local or able to support at short notice is appreciated.


We’re building a ‘BlueWild Community Crew’ – a team of volunteers –people who like to be involved in new projects. This could be anything from our anti-litter project, educational support, helping guests board, helping with bookings, sitting by the boats to give information or a helping hand or bringing your own ideas. Generally, it’s about being around boats and we’d like to reward you by sailing with us on occasion. This role is likely to suit local people who have a genuine interest in developing the local area and who can pop along at times. 

The benefits

Fantastic benefits include a salty, mostly sunny summer season at sea, sight-seeing the Bass Rock, the Isle of May and sailing the Forth, gannets, puffins, guillemots, seals, dolphins, whales, training in guiding and crewing on our nature tours, fresh air, occasional bacon rolls (or filling of your choice), BlueWild polo shirt and free use of company deck-chair when ashore. 

Is this for you? 

Send your story:  one page CVs or key points, a bit of background – no long essays – to 


Look forward to welcoming you on board.